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to read in Kindergarten and what you can do if he or she is having

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Learn what the 150 skills are that your child should have (and will be tested on at the beginning of Kindergarten) by the time they start school and how it affects their learning if they are missing just a few.

Learn how to choose the correct Phonics method and how that can make all the difference between success and failure or ease of learning because if you can read you can automatically spell, but if you can spell you can’t necessarily read.​

Learn how to make learning to read relevant and link learning to read to acquiring general knowledge and how to use the LATEST cutting edge Visible Learning method which will make a huge difference to the way your child learns and retains information.​

Here Are Just A Few More Things You Will Learn To Help Your Child 

  • How the Matthew Effect will put your child behind in his or her learning if you don't do something about it
  • Why you should start teaching to read early
  • Which is the best method to use when teaching reading
  • What order you should teach the sounds in and why
  • What the main sounds of English are
  • How to pronounce the sounds of English (video included)
  • Why you should never praise your child and what you should do instead
  • What you should never do whilst teaching reading 
  • How stress alters brain chemistry
  • Why you need to start with the letter names
  • Why Dads and big brothers are very important
  • What is "Visible Learning"?
  • How most people get "Inquiry Based Learning" wrong
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • What the Governments are asking every parent to do
  • What does a quality lesson plan look like?
  • How we can help you put it all together

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I was so pleased that I worked through the “Clever Learners” lessons as Hannah was reading well before she started school. Now, she is only halfway through Kindergarten and is already on level 20 reading.  She has fantastic comprehension, spelling and writing as well.  This has given her tremendous advantage in other subject areas.  She is now being given Year 1 work.  Thank you so much Alexandra, you have given my child  Hannah the head start that will be with her forever.  And what I really like is that Hannah is reading and spelling without having learnt a single word off by heart.  She actually knows what she is doing.​

Riley is an energetic boy who would have probably failed to learn in his first year of “Big School” had it not been for “Clever Learners”.  Riley could not and still does not sit still and could not listen to instructions.  In fact, first term at school was a disaster.  He was missing out on a lot of information.

Alexandra gave him the foundations and time to settle in at school.  He already knew how to read so that the impact of his behavior was minimized.  He had also learnt great study skills and Term 2 was a pleasure.  His self-esteem went through the roof as everybody kept praising him for his fantastic reading and writing.  Thank you so much Alexandra!  We could not have made it without you.

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